Selected Publications

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Vanheer L & Kafsack BFC.
Activity of epigenetic inhibitors against Plasmodium falciparum asexual and sexual blood stages.
BioRxiv July 08, 2019.

McLean KJ, Straimer J, Hopp CS, Vega-Rodriguez J, Tripathi A, Mlambo G, Doumolin PC, Harris CT, Tong X, Shears MJ, Ankarklev J, Kafsack BFC, Fidock DA, Sinnis P.
Generation of Transgenic Human Malaria Parasites With Strong Fluorescence in the Transmission Stages.
BioRxiv Dec 18 2017

Zhan W, Visone J, Ouellette T, Harris JC, Wang R, Zhang H, Singh PK, Ginn J, Sukenick GD, Wong TT, Okoro JI, Scales RM, Tumwebaze PT, Rosenthal PJ, Kafsack BFC, Cooper R, Meinke PT, Kirkman LA, Lin G.
Improvement of asparagine ethylenediamines as anti-malarial Plasmodium-selective proteasome inhibitors.
J Med Chem. 2019 Jun 9. PMID: 31177777

Bancells C, Llorà-Batlle O, Poran P, Nötzel N, Rovira-Graells N, Elemento O, Kafsack BFC, Cortés A.
Revisiting the initial steps of sexual development in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum.
Nature Microbiology. 2019 Jan;4(1):144-154.PMID: 30478286

Nötzel C*, Poran A*,  Kafsack BFC
Single-Cell Transcriptome Profiling of Protozoan and Metazoan Parasites.
Trends in Parasitology 2017, Published online May 25, 2018   *authors contributed equally

Kirkman L, Zhan W, Visone V, Dziedziech A, Fan H, Singh PK, Tong X, Bruzual I, Hara R, Kawasaki M, Sato K, Michino M, Aso K, Fernandez Alvaro E, Wang R, Ling Y, Guiang LF, Sanz L, Mota D, Kavitha G, Tumwebaze PK, Sukenick G, Shi L, Vendome J, Bhanot P, Rosenthal PJ, Cooper R, Kafsack BFC, Doggett JS, Nathan C, Lin G. Antimalarial proteasome inhibitor reveals collateral sensitivity from intersubunit interactions and fitness cost of resistance.
PNAS 2018 Jul 17;115(29)

Poran A*, Nötzel C*, Aly O, Mencia-Trinchant N, Harris CT, Guzman ML, Hassane DC, Elemento O, Kafsack BFC
Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals a signature of sexual commitment in malaria parasites.
Nature 2017 Nov 2;551(7678):95-99.   *authors contributed equally

Coleman B, Skillman K, Jiang R, Childs L, Altenhofen L, Ganter M, Leung Y, Goldowitz I, Kafsack B, Marti M, Llinas M, Buckee C, Duraisingh M.
A Plasmodium falciparum Histone Deacetylase Regulates Antigenic Variation and Gametocyte Conversion.
Cell Host & Microbe  2014 Aug 13; 16(2):177-86.  

Kafsack BFC, Rovira-Graells N, Clark TG, Christina Bancells, Crowley VM, Campino SG, Williams AE, Drought LG, Kwiatkowski DP, Baker DA, Cortés A, Llinás M.
A transcriptional switch controls commitment to sexual development in malaria parasites.
Nature 2014 507(7491):248-52.                

Sinha A, Hughes KR, Modrzynska KK, Otto TD, Pfander C, Dickens NK, Religa AA, Bushell E, Graham AL, Cameron R, Kafsack, BFC, Williams A, Llinás M, Berriman M, Billker O, Waters AP. 
A cascade of DNA binding proteins for sexual commitment and development in Plasmodium.
Nature 2014 507(7491) pp. 253-7.         

Carter LM, Kafsack BFC, Llinás M, Mideo N, Pollitt LC, Reece SE.
Stress and Sex in Malaria Parasites: Why Does Commitment Vary?
Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health. 2013 (1):135-147   

Painter HJ, Altenhofen LM, Kafsack BF, Llinás M.
Whole-Genome Analysis of Plasmodium spp. Utilizing a New Agilent Technologies DNA Microarray Platform.
Methods Mol Biol. 2013; 923:213-9.   

Kafsack BFC*, Painter HJ*, Llinás M.
New Agilent platform DNA microarrays for transcriptome analysis of P. falciparum and P. berghei for the malaria research community.
Malaria J. 2012 11:187 *authors contributed equally  

Kafsack BFC, Llinás M.
Eating at the Table of Another: Metabolomics of Host/Parasite Interactions.
Cell: Host & Microbe 2010 Feb 7(2):90-99  

Kafsack BFC, Carruthers VB.
Apicomplexan MACPF Proteins,
Commun Integr Biol. 2010 Jan/Feb: 3(1):68-73   

Lagal V, Binder EM, Huynh MH, Kafsack BFC, Harris PK, Diez R, Chen D, Cole RN, Carruthers VB, Kim K.
Toxoplasma gondii Protease TgSUB1 is Required for Cell Surface Processing of Micronemal Adhesive Complexes and Efficient Attachment of Tachyzoites to Host Cells.
Cellular Microbio. 2010 (12):1792-1808 

Kafsack BFC, Pena J, Coppens I, Ravindran S, Boothroyd JC, Carruthers VB.
Rapid Membrane Disruption by a Perforin-Like Protein Facilitates Parasite Exit from Host Cell.
Science 2009 Vol. 323, No. 5913, pp. 530-533.   

Kafsack BFC, Carruthers VB, Pineda FJ.
Kinetic Modeling of Toxoplasma Invasion.
J Theo. Biol. 2007 Dec, 249(4):817-25   

 Zhou XW*, Kafsack BFC*, Cole RN, Beckett P, Shen RF, Carruthers VB.
The Opportunistic Pathogen Toxoplasma Gondii Deploys A Diverse Legion Of Invasion And Survival Proteins.
J. Biol. Chem. 2005 Oct 7;280(40):34233-44 *authors contributed equally   

Kafsack BFC, Beckers CJM, Carruthers VB.
Synchronous invasion of host cells by Toxoplasma gondii.
Mol. Biochem. Parasitol. 2004 Aug; 136(2):309-311   

Harper JM, Zhou XW, Pszenny V, Kafsack BFC, Carruthers VB.
The novel coccidian micronemal protein MIC11 undergoes proteolytic maturation by sequential cleavage to remove an internal propeptide.
Int J Parasitol 2004 Aug; 34(9):1047-58

Rasoloson D, Shi L, Chong CR, Kafsack BF, Sullivan DJ.
Copper pathways in Plasmodium falciparum infected erythrocytes indicate an efflux role for the copper P-ATPase.
Biochem J. 2004 Aug 1;381(Pt 3):803-11