Our Single Cell Study Wins 2018 Julian Rachele Prize!

Chrischi and Asaf were selected as co-recipients of the 2018 Julian R. Rachele Prize for our Nature paper, “Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals a signature of sexual commitment in malaria parasites." This award recognizes the best paper by a Weill Cornell/Sloan Kettering Ph.D. student published in the past 12 months.

Well deserved recognition for two great young scientists!

Congratulations Guys!


Xinran Tong headed for Grad School here at Weill Cornell!

Xinran was the first person I hired and her dedication, skills, and personality were indispensable in getting the Kafsack Lab off the ground! Unfortunately, our efforts to clone her have failed and we'll have to make do without her. As a silver lining, she decided to join our BCMB Ph.D. program here at Weill Cornell after weighing several offers.

Thank you for everything Xinran! 

Hello, Goodbye, and Congratulations Randy!

Randy and Chrischi hard at work in the lab...

Randy and Chrischi hard at work in the lab...

We were sad to say goodbye to Randy Coupet, our visiting medical student from the Universite de Bordeaux.  

He was a delight to have in the lab and we're sure that he'll go on to great things.

Congratulations on completing medical school Randy! 
If you ever get bored of saving lives, you can come back anytime!